Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Spider Story Tuesday

Today as I was home alone waiting for boyfriend to come home I saw something at the corner of my eye. It was a H U G E spider walking carefully on the wall behind my computer. Usually in those times I yell for boyfriend to come take it away. I don't really like bugs when they are walking so randomly inside my house. You never know where they might turn up next unless you help them outside again. Boyfriend ofcourse could not help me, and I had to watch the spider crawl sideways behind my bookcase. A while later while I was still trying to concentrate (even if I failed), the little guy (or rather big girl) was walking significally lower on the wall the opposite way. Towards me. I hastily retracted my legs and hoped it would go away. And as soon as it did I hid on the sofa waiting for boyfriend. But now that boyfriend is home I have no idea where the spider is.... I am just hoping he is eating all the other nasty bugs.......

Oh, yeah. Today is Tuesday Tunes and now that we have finished with the scary story (hope you can still sleep, I know I can't in fear of the spider coming back). Here is this weeks song:

I was out buying black clothes for the funeral yesterday with my friend and I found I was continuously singing bits and pieces from this song.

And then I had an epiphany, within my family and friends there seems everyone has some sort of eating issues, like allergies and selective eating, so I have decided that when I get married (and don't worry, he has not proposed so swallow your tea nicely) we will have a barbecue. Then people can eat what they want and that they know is safe and we can enjoy making delicious food outside, and then the smalltalk that NT people insist on can commence. I think it was a marvelous idea, and boyfriend agreed. Too bad the weather in Norway never agrees with you when you have outside plans, then it always rains.
But if it does those people have more things to talk about whilst hiding under cover and eating their burnt hot dogs.

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