Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tuesday again today

I am sorry that I have been so quiet the last couple of days, but there is a lot of things happening.
Since it is Tuesday I can at least show you my song of the week?
I have not done any stitching since friday where I realized that one entire Tudor-rose on Henry had a mistake and I have to rip it all out. Since the pattern is mirrored I did the same mistake twice. I should have looked at my chart and not do it the easy way by just looking at the other side that I had already done.... Oh well. But boyfriend found my mistake. Thank you. How is it that you get sort of blind and can't find your own mistakes? Weird huh?

So, without further ado. This is another japanese pop group from Hello!Project, but one that I have only shown you one song from, a very long time ago. from here:

You can skip 'til 0:47 because there is a lot of chanting in the beginning. 

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