Sunday, 26 May 2013

Rico design bunny review

So, I am almost done with the bunny from Rico designs bought from here:
I thought that I would tell you what I liked and what I did not like. I liked the chart, it was easy to follow, and since there were only six colours there was not a lot that needed explaining. But the thread lengths were way too long, even if I took one strand and folded to become two... And therefor tangled easily.
I liked the aida and the colour of it. Which was pale purple. ^^
I liked how the bunny was fairly easy and small but still with minimal effort looked like a real live rabbit. That takes a lot of skill on the designers part I think. 
One thing I found odd was the background, it randomly stopped at weird intervals. I thought it would look more in sync if the shape on both the bottom and top were oval and tried to change it. I am not sure how successful I was.

All I have left on this is backstitching and assembling, but I will leave that for ornament onsdag;)
As I have no more use of this pattern it goes in my giveaway pile here:

And I have been doing a bit on my Secret Project Number two, but I can't show you anything more of it now I think until I have given her to her proper home.

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