Thursday, 16 May 2013

Some sort of update

Yesterday was Ornament Onsdag and I had planned to show you my progress on an ornament, but as I was preparing the phone rang and we had to rush to the hospital again as my father's condition got worse. He passed late the same night, but atleast he is not in pain now.

I am still in the process of finding the right backing fabric for this easter ornament.  Here I have three different ones bought at Panduro. I think the one with pink polka dots is my favorite. After I have backed this I am making hair-bows with the rest of the fabric I think. 
Still thinking about buying some sort of hanger as I think it would look great with a bunny one instead of just making hemps to hang with, but I could use the other polka fabric for the hemps, that would look nice I think?

Here is another thing I made at work. Yesterday I was using some other kind of paint that made me feel faint and nauseous...
But look how good it looks?

And. I am thinking of colouring my hair like this. As I already have almost the same glasses. This is Garcia from "Criminal minds", real name Kirsten Vangsness. (yes, that is a norwegian name, her entire fathers family are american-norwegians)

-oh, and this poll does not work either, so people should vote for the banner in the post before. Thank you. 
-and, three more followers until the giveaway. Next post I will show you a little preview of what you can win.

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