Saturday, 25 May 2013

A bunny story

So, a little update. I have not been stitching much lately as I find it hard to concentrate. 
But this little guy is halfway there now. :) And even if his eyes are not completely done he has lost his creepiness that he had before the pinks and browns were filled in. :)

Tomorrow is WiSP Sunday, so Henry and Fred have to continue sitting in the backseat while my Secret Project Number Two take the front-seat, with maybe this guy next to it.

Another small distraction lately, is the spring. (It is not summer until June). I have been busy with my bunny-slave duties and procuring dandelion and drying for the queen. She herself was busy outside glancing over her kingdom and not getting her paws in the grass. Unless ofcourse she had to go and nibble a bit on it, then she forgot how much she hated the grass.

We saw quite a few happy-bounces today. And more annoyed back feet- flicks. Because obviously the grass was being obscene. 
Since we are renting she only has a non-permanent outside pen. And it does take quite a while to set up.

Other news. Yesterday we woke up by the sound of tiny paws pitter-patting under the bed. Little Houdini here had managed to pull her pen-doors sideways a little bit so that she could squeeze out and come and wake us up. Because obviously we had not given her adequate breakfast in time. The horror, having to wake up her own slaves to get any breakfast, says bunny. I still think she is a bit miffed about that actually. Boy, can she hold a grudge. She still flees at the sight (or rather smell) of carrots because she used to get carrots at grooming sessions, it's been six months since we stopped that but she has still not forgiven us for turning her once favorite treat into a trap.

Oh, and since most of you voted for banner number 2: I am changing to banner number two. ^^

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