Sunday, 5 May 2013

On a roll again

I am so on a roll, I remembered to finish my bird, do WiSP day AND, well, actually that's it.

And I did it, the bird is done! 

I found this too, it is almost finished and have been for quite some time, thing is, all the threads are missing, and since the threads came with the magazine I felt lost. But then I saw that they had helpfully added a DMC thread-key, so I decided to look through my stash. Which is small so I did not have high hopes. One side was about 90 % done and the other about 50%, I could not just choose some colours because it is mirrored so both sides have to match... I contemplated that for a while and felt like I was lost at sea when I finally took the dive and looked through the stash. And lo and behold, I had ALL of the pinks! :O Colour me surprised... And most of the greens too, the only green I did not have was the sea green one used on the gate. And I am buying that, since I like to use the colours I buy and not just stash them I am going to multitask and incorporate them in secret project number 2. 

And, I have done some more on my WiSP, I am going to have to take a break on this while I buy some floss. Maybe not a big break, maybe I can do some backstitching? I have already decided not to do the background on this because I feel like the coloured fabric is enough:)

On another note, I am rewatching glee, and boyfriend came home, he for some reason got the vibe that I needed to be serenaded to and chose to sing. " Oh my darling Clementine" but since poor boyfriend knows absoultely no lyrics what he did end up singing to me was: Oh, my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling never mind..... Not quite the romantic song I had in mind. He made up for it later by doing "Magic carpet ride" with me on singstar. I pwned him.

Here is bunny and boyfriend having some quality time together. Free range bunnies are awesome! -"What did you do yesterday?"
- "I tried to eat an apple and had a bunny on my shoulder".
Best conversation ever.


E2 said...

Hahaha, his Clementime lyrics is an old joke of his, he thinks it's funny ;)

Oh and I am not surprised you had all the pinks, if you were to have something, it would be pink, right?

Cheryl Armstrong said...

You do make me chuckle VV. Love the old wip you found x

Hanne said...

Du gjør nydelig arbeid :D

Vilje Vanilje said...

I am surprised because I needed six pinks, and I had nine pinks in my stash and DMC have over 20 different pinks :O But it was a good kind of surprise:)
He does?I've never heard it before though. But he does think he is funny a lot more than he actually is.

Hanne: Takk. Jeg føler jeg har teken på korssting nå. Jeg har også begynt å sy på symaksinen igjen, jeg lagerstoff rundt et broderi så jeg kan henge det på veggen. (med stoff jeg fikk av deg:) )

Cheryl: Hehe, that is the point, I like making people laugh and sometimes I just feel funny. I love the old WIP I found too. Thank you.