Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Onsdag Again!

Want to see my next ornament? 
I finished it. And I do say i love how it looks.
I have been thinking that I should save these little ornaments that I make with those heart hangers and give them as a set to someone. Maybe one hanger as each gift? Although I might come in short as my supply in the fist place of those hangers was two, and I've used both of them....

Another thing is both cross stitches fit with the new home tea, one given with a flower present and one given with tea for the new home.... Alas, I know no one who is in the process of moving who would love these. (and have space for them!)

Even though I have used different colour- schemes I think they work together. But should I give both ornaments a little bow? 
I wish I knew more pink people, as these would make great gifts for those pink-loving ones.

Oh, and Nira I cheated just like you;) 

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