Sunday, 19 May 2013

Stashing to ya baby

I love making food-art, even if I am no idafrosk
With rabbits even, I had a hard time eating them. And since I am a bit extra weird I can't eat green candy, so I gave those to boyfriend. And I have a hard time to eat candy if I can only take one piece at a time. It has to be in two's.... Which is the reason I gave up those candyballs which occupied your entire mouth and you had to suck on them for hours to see them decrease a little. I just have too small a mouth.

Oh, yeah, now is the season for dandelions again. I have taken two batches inside ready to dry for the rabbit. She is sniffing the air ferociously, to see (or rather smell) if she can find the yummies. On the back wall is a picture of three of my past little critters.

And, here is the last pirate lot from sewandso, and yes, I have already started one of them. Naughty me? No, because I have a finnish, and you can see what that is on Wednesday. But, yes I was a little naughty finishing up that particular finnish ahead of time.

I think this will count as an ornament, don't you?

But I saved the best thing for last didn't I? To make you read the entire post. Clever right?
I am finished with the books now and am in the process of doing the background stitches before tackling the backstitching. But May still is not done, so I can safely say (although I might be jinxing it) that I will finish this in time for the recipients party! Those of you who have been paying attention can see the greens I used on this piece in the batch I bought from sewandso. So much stash-buying for such a little amount of stitches.... Tsk, Tsk... But isn't that how you build a stash? Buy more than you  use? I think I am doing a formidable job of stashing. 

Eurovison was on yesterday, and boyfriend and I watched. It was very fun. A little romanian vampire singing falsetto, just like any vampire with a little self-respect should. 
I liked Malta too, and Finland. 
But my favorite song was not voteable. It was from the half-time song.

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Virpi said...

That bunny kit you started looks lovely. I didn't watch the eurovision contest this year but I have heard the winner song already and of course I have listened the Norway's participant too which I liked a lot =D