Tuesday, 14 May 2013

So, I am making a change

Usually I hate changes. but since I have had a desire to customize my blog for a long time, this change does not seem so sudden to me as it might for everyone else....
My friend made me these banners, and I love them! She is very talented.

Banner 1:

 Banner 2:

So, which banner should I use? I love them both, but I do have a secret favorite.
The poll will be open until Sunday, so hurry up and vote!
The poll is on the right-hand side.


SandZ said...

I love the 2nd one :0) x

Unknown said...

banner 2 is my favourite

Brenna said...

THe second one DOES have more Mimle ;)

*Kio Valentine said...

To be honest:
If you have a favorite, I think you should pick that one no matter what others vote or think. It is YOUR blog.
(and I think I can guess which one is your secret favorite, so I'm voting for nr. 1)