Friday, 18 March 2016

Baby Crochet Patterns Bonanza

This year I wanted to get better at making clothes and so I thought, before I start on too many adult sized ones that take forever (like my crochet skirt), I think smaller is better. Easily finished, less expensive, I can use yarn I already have and later I hope to tackle some more clothes for me. 
(I am hoping my confidence and skill will soar with a little baby clothes making crochet practise)
But in the mean time, here are some baby patterns for crochet (crochet patterns are for some reason hard to come by so I made my top list) that I thought looked useful and cute.
If I make any of these I will tell you how I liked the patterns and if they were worth purchasing.

Now onto some Pants:
Pants from Drops, this pattern is free and since it is made in DC it will work up fast, those pants look very comfy and is good for both genders ( I think most anything could be worn by all genders, but the parents might have other ideas)  and you could even make it a bit long and just fold the legs up a bit for longer usage. I wish Drops made more crochet clothing in general.

This one is in Danish, which I am sure will be easy, it has some of those pesky popcorn stitches, but it is adorable. Since it cost a little I am thinking of waiting a little while to make this, but it is SO on my list, as I said, it looks adorable and very useful.

Same designer made these sweaters, and you get the vest too in the pattern, still at an affordable prize, unfortunately both are only in Danish, but that can't be too hard can it?

I saw something similar in a Simply Crochet magazine and I think I want to make either this or the magazine one. And you could probably add buttons between the legs for easier diaper changing.
This also costs some money but not that much.

If I ever have kids this is so something they will have to wear, this designer made lots of these in different colours, you can he hello Kitty, a bear, Mickey Mouse, a chick, a fox or Superman and they are really cheap.

Another easy Granny Type Baby thing. I think this cozy is adorable, and I have found variations of this with almost all animals, just search, or add a head from a different pattern. I want to make this one day, it has been on my list from when I started crocheting but now that people around me are actually starting to sprout I think it is time to actually start one. This pattern is free.

Bibs are essential with babies, and with the one I showed in the last post I found a couple more.
With this cute petal one your baby could be a flower, and it could also  double as a costume. This pattern is not free.

This bib might be a good stash-buster, just make it in stripes, I know I will, one colour and stripes of leftover yarn in between, then I can use up some of my smallest stash. That or you could always cross stitch something with the leftover yarn. This pattern is free.

Then on to the dresses! I think crochet lends it self very well to dresses, making it lacy and airy and fairy-like fits so well to small kids. (and me)

I have seen this dress made both open and closed at the back and it is my favourite, seems like it is not only my favourite, but over 2390 projects have been made on Ravelry.
I love those butterfly/angel wings arms and the fact that it seems to adjust to fit different sizes and I love the fact that this is free!

This dress might be better for Winter babies, just make it is wool or alpaca, you make it a little longer and it is a dress, a little shorter and it is a jacket. Here is also a good chance to use up a little stash in those colourful stripes. This pattern is free and for sizes 0 to three years old!

Some Jackets, don't forget the one a little higher up by the Danish designer who also made the blue pants.

This jacket seems to consist of a couple of hexagons and then some assembling and tadah, you have a spiffy jacket. I think it is adorable, and suitable for all ages and genders, just make the hexagons bigger for a bigger version. Here I would recommend having a jacket the size you want this to be for comparison.

Any child needs a vest in their closet. I think this would be very handy in wool so that it can be used for spring or fall or even winter with warmer  clothing underneath. I think vests are underrated anyway, I try to make M understand that vests are good to have but he still looks at me all clueless.
This pattern is free for sizes 0-3 months, but use a clothing as comparison and try to make it the same size, or you could use a bigger hook to make it bigger, the small size uses under 50 grams of yarn so you could always use up that leftover yarn from bigger projects.

I loaned this photo from CappelenDamm
I loaned this book from the library because it is impossible to buy since it is out of print,  I will look at the patterns and hopefully do a review of it later, I have had a peak at it and it seems like easy and fast projects.

You can't have a baby crochet pattern bonanza without a blanket. This is one of my all time favourites, but the Filet Bunny afghan, granny Ripple, Blanket of the hearts and the good old granny square are also good, fast and easy to make for any baby.

 I have made several of these blankets in small sizes, more like lapghans and I love this pattern. It is free and fun and perfect for any child. (or me).

 I hope you got some inspiration and that you can make something for a little one with crochet and not just knitting because there are tons more knitting patterns but maybe like me you feel more comfortable with a hook than a needle?

(All pictures are from Ravelry unless otherwise stated and all links link to Ravelry)

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