Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Wedding blanket squares five

I love that name, suits a wedding blanket very much.

I really liked this block, it was rather easy and the purple pinkish colour works so well with the blue I chose. My friend *Kio did hers in blue and green, but we both have white and darker blue, I like seeing how different colours really change the expression of the squares. *Kio's square seem more subdued than mine I think while mine seem to tease a little and invite someone to play. I think it is the purple that does it.

This block also took about four hours of just the block without the added three rows of DC, it weighed 30 grams and was 21 cm x 21 cm as all squares where after blocking and additional rows. The difficulties of crocheting together when adding extra rows and therefor different number of stitches was something we just had to work around, Dedri who hosted the cal did a good job of making sure all squares had the same number of stitches and the same size so that joining them together would be easier, but we had a bit of trouble making ours the same size when using Dedri's alterations so we just winged it. It worked out fine in the end. The blanket is square and looks like it was supposed to look like that but I thought it worth mentioning in case anyone else wanted to do this cal.

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