Saturday, 26 March 2016

Happy Easter and all

Happy Easter, did the Easter-bunny visit you? 
We got our eggs early, and the Easter bunny left an egg here for my mum too. She even got some of those bunnies I made a few days ago and a book with crochet and knit patterns in Norwegian. Mister M got a Nemi magazine from the Easter-bunny as well as his egg with candy, I only got candy, but I have so much yarn so I am fine^^

 I tried taking pictures of the buns but they were fairly uninterested, but both buns chinned my fake plant so now it belongs to some buns, not me.
I have no idea who chinned it last to be honest, so I don't know who owns it.

We have these adorable bunny eggs, these are the humans and the buns are only borrowing them for props but they were more interested in the fake flower anyway.

We made turkey dinner with mushroom, potatoes and Brussel sprouts yesterday and it was delicious, I even got to use my napkins and Easter Bunny light, although we never lit it because our matches were no where to be found. Oh well.
The other day we were invited to a friends house and ate lamb and today we are going out to another friends house to have pork of some kind, I am looking forward to it. Bunnies get Basil and are thrilled about that too, I am happy they are still easily pleased.

My goal is to finish the Florida Shrug this Easter and I am almost there! Just a couple more repeats before the assembling and edge. I can do it!

I also started another scarf, this one in the same yarn we got on sale but on bigger needles, I think I used 5 last time and 7 now and it is flying of the needles. I think it might turn out longer, but we will see.

I love the colours on this, very emerald with some grey blue patches and some more blue and more green in-between, I think this colour would suit almost anyone, I wonder who I will give it too, or if I should just put it in the Christmas box and see...

Anyway Happy Easter!
I still have lots of Chocolate left!

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