Thursday, 31 March 2016

A new challenge, reading more

Because I like a challenge I have in addition to the A to Z challenge decided to try and read 52 books this year. We are already in week 13, but I have read six books already this year, and I only started in the last week of February so I am not sure if I am able to read 52 books before the end of the year or not or if my goal is before the end of the last week of next february. Since crocheting has been what I have been doing mostly these past few years I have hardly read anything, reading whilst crocheting is not easy to do (unless you have an audiobook, I'll try to do that later).
I love books and I love reading so I have decided to try and read more this year, and to help me do that I gave myself this goal and I will try to write a little about the books I have read about once a month.

First books.
Sigbjørn Mostue. imorgen er alt mørkt, Marlenes historie
I will talk about these two books as one. This is a youth novel, but I found it rather interesting, the book was easy to read since it was meant for younger readers, but the story was rather good. The characters acted like humans, they were flawed and made bad decisions had conflicting emotions and tried to maintain relationships in an unusual circumstance. The world is ending, humans  are getting sick and killing other humans and the characters struggle to survive while thinking about the morals of killing other humans. Both books end with a cliffhanger and I hope there will be more in this series. I would have loved this book when I was a teenager.

Knut Nærum, Monster
I liked this book. Because of global warming the ice caps have melted and everyone thinks the polar bears are dead. Turns out they are not, they are migrating towards humans and eating everything in their way. The polar bears don't behave like polar bears anymore and are unpredictable bloodthirsty monsters killing everything in their way. Despite human tries to save them and contain them things get from bad to worst and most Norwegians want the polar bears exterminated. What will happen in the end?
As I said, I liked this book, although I am not sure someone without knowledge of Norwegian celebrities and politicians will get as much out of this since there are real politicians in this and celebrities which you can guess who the characters are based on. (which the author does a lot)

This is series of books, all are free standing and the topic of these books are crime.

Knut Nærum, Døde menn går på ski
My mother gave me this book years ago around easter time and I remember I loved it. It was scary as I was in our cabin deep in the forest and the book is set in a cabin in the montains and then people are killed off, the main character tries to figure out who the killer is with a little help from a psychiatrist. There are plot twists and deaths on every page and as much as I tried I could not figure out who the killer was.
Knut Nærum has in all three books the same protagonist and the same chapter set-up which I thought was funny. The chapters have names such as:  Chapter 1- Where we get an interesting offer. 

Knut Nærum, De dødes båt
This book is set in summertime on a small island with a native fisherman a rich family with their extended family and then a murder. Then more people die and Kjell Nilsen the author who writes murder books try to solve the crime with a private detective, the police seem to fumble about and do more damage than good. Could the killer be supernatural?

Knut Nærum, Voodoo på Vestkanten
The last book in the series, Kjell Nilsen stumble into another mystery, there might be voodoo involved and he enlists the help of a rather reluctant private eye and tries to solve the case.
Is the first death accidental or murder? Could someone be killing using voodoo?

I think I liked the first book in the series the best as the story is familiar and classic with a twist. 

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abetterjulie said...

Yay, a book challenge! I'm loving your blog more and more. :) I love seeing the books you choose since they aren't anything I've ever heard about. The Kjell Nilsen ones sound fun. Are you on Goodreads?