Friday, 18 March 2016

Finished Baby Bonanza

I have a couple of finishes to show you today. I made a small jacket for a baby, I am not sure what size the jacket is... But I am sure it will fit somebody;)
I have seen this done several times, but decided to use the yarn I had and just wing it, I would recommend having a jacket in the size you want to make for comparison. But I did make this in three days, the weaving in ends bit took forever but the rest was a breeze.

It fits Mr. Snowman here at least, he looks very snazzy.
I quite like it, and it was really easy to do, now all I need is for someone to tell me how usable this small jacket is for a baby and what size it is, I am guessing 0-4 months or something.

I used two skeins of Søstrene Grenes Bomuldsgarn in a sort of mandarin peach colour. It weights 99 grams and I made 48 Granny Squares with three rows each. I used the join as you go method and sc together the sides, arms and made a sc row on all sides.
From arm to arm it measures 41 cm and the back measures 21 cm, the front is open and the neck is 17 cm wide.

Also I have another finish, a small bib which I am thinking about making a small embroidery on. And I don't care about the fact that it is blue and all the babies I know of that are being born in the nearest future will be girls! this is also Søstrene Grene yarn and the blue is much more baby blue. I used a little over half a 50 gram skein to make this and some white contrast. It was really easy, I think I spent a couple of hours on one, so I think I will make a few more for future baby gifts. 

The Kitties in a row blanket has gotten a little love and is now 10 repeats long, and I got some more yarn, they were out of the darker brown unfortunately but I will just have to work with what I got.

Here is the bunny train again, (photo taken specifically for my friend Evi)
which I am not sure how well will work;)

And I am so close to finishing the granny baby blanket I am doing, so that is my focus at the moment, and soon I thought about showing you some crochet baby patterns because they are hard to come by.

Valmin says Hi and wonders why there is so many squares on his carpet again...

 Mimle does too, and no, Mimle, that is not a real carrot, leave Mr.Snowman's nose alone.

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