Monday, 7 March 2016

Half past supper and a finish sort of Finnish and a start again

 Well I did finish the bunny blanket yesterday! And I only had a little of the middle pink yarn left! Yay me!
 (But there is still plenty hot pink left...)

So today I made a small border of single crochet all around and declared the blanket was finished!
The size is 103X63 cm so more than enough for either a baby or a lapghan.

I used this pattern and the yarn was a Finnish acrylic yarn I bought in Sweden about five years ago (so that is how long this poor blanket has been neglected) called Helen by Novita.
 (why I only find Finnish yarn in Sweden and Swedish yarn in Finland I have no idea, the grey yarn I thought was Finnish that I bought in Finland called Ville Viking is actually Norwegian but exclusively sold in Finland, very confusing I know...)

Valmin on the blanket for size comparison.
The blanket weighs 534 grams which means I can now buy 10 skeins of wool yarn for my kitties in a row afghan. 

I haven't stretched it or anything yet so I hope it turns a bit more symmetrical after that but honestly I am just happy I finished it.

And I remembered I could download the pattern onto my iPad and use that to finish so I didn't have to wait until M bought more ink for the printer which I feel a little ashamed I didn't think of sooner, hehe. *sweatdrop*
 But the bunny looks good, I am really loving this pattern, it is the yarn that irks me, I have to have the TV on quite high so I don't hear the yarn squeek whilst I am crocheting because that is so bothersome.  Now I remember why I hate acrylic yarn. Too bad I still have 13 skeins of it....

I know I used the grey to make a Stark Trek ship for M. So if I have any left when I am done I will perhaps make another...

You may ask when you are done with what? Aren't you done with the bunny blanket? Well, yes, I am, but I kinda started another and I hope to use up the rest of the acrylic yarn too. Oops, atleast until I can go to the shop and buy the yarn for that other blanket I started, which I am hoping means I can buy 23 skeins of yarn... *Drool... more yarn....*
Tada, I made another start

Bunnies are appalled by my lack of will power and bending of rules and whatnot. 
- Did you hear that Valmin, yesterday she said she would finish two things before starting one, but she clearly did not. Humans are so dumb. Why do we even keep them?
- They have the food dear.
- Right, where is my supper? It is clearly half past supper already!

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