Thursday, 3 March 2016

Back with some more yarn and some temptations

So the trip to Finland was a great success, I didn't use hardly any of my yarn that I brought but that was because we deemed the wedding blanket did not need an extra border, that was all the grey yarn I brought. I did however make a small doily while waiting for our flight that got cancelled, we popped it in with the presents. So all in all the yarn was a bit much but you never know what you might want to make...
(and I did use everything else of crafting things but my water colours, I adore making travel diaries which is why I bring so many crafting things.)

The doily fits well with the coasters too.

My outfit for the wedding with M's wedding vest.
(He did wear a suit with that)

The wedding blanket awaiting ironing and packing for the wedding. The ironing of the blanket was a three person job btw as it was big and bulky and heavy and we only had a tiny ironing board.

I went to the biggest yarn shop in the city but they claimed to not have any Finnish yarn, so I bought some Swedish, Danish and Norwegian yarn. The grey yarn only has writings in Finnish though so I have hopes that they are from Finland. The greys are for a bolero or shawl or something I think and the whites and silver are for more snowflakes, I love snowflakes.

But the blanket weighed 3,3 kilos so I am allowed to buy some more yarn right?

They had these cool packages of surprise yarn too that I bought, and I got one sock, yarn to finish the other, a whole finished cowl in sparkly yarn form Sweden and some pink yarn, one is in wool and silk and the other is a bit of a mystery but I am thinking of mitts or something accessory crocheting.

Since my big thing is finished I have some hopes in making and finishing some smaller things, here I am making an iPad cover that my mother requested in wool, and since crafters minds are already on their next project I am thinking of another blanket (oh yes, I never learn, my shoulders are still not back in form) and a few shawls.  

Kitties in a row afghan by Beverly A. Qualheim
This is the afghan I hope I am not crazy enough to start because it needs cat coloured yarn and I only have a few skeins of wool from Nille so I would need a ton more.... I am trying to stay strong!

And there is the jacket that I really want to make for myself, but I really should finish my skirt first! But I could use some of that Drops Merino in navy I have in my stash?

Angel Wings Pinaforte by Maxine Gonser
And since one friend is having a little girl in May I so want to make a dainty little dress.

Florida Shrug  by Nyanpon
I made one for the wedding and now I want to use that as a template to make another the right way.

Lizard Pattern by Jasmin Räsänen
I am sure all my friends would love this pattern and I know Fabel from Drops is on sale now which I think this pattern would look great in.

Victoria shawl by Cherry Heart, picture from Ravelry
This pattern was on sale today so M bought it for me, I really want to make one!

All these photos are from revelry which is where the links go, what do you think I should start on when I finish my skirt?

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