Thursday, 24 March 2016

Easter Crochet Patterns

I have been searching for Easter decorations that are not egg cozies (because we don't eat that many boiled eggs) or baskets in our house and I have had a hard time finding any.
 I did however find some gems I thought I would share with you (and me next year). 
Some patterns are just for fun, but some are useful and I did share a egg cozy or two too, because one is useful even if you only eat boiled egg once in Easter.
All patterns are free and the pictures are taken from the links.

Bunnybutt bySteenistugan
This pattern is really fun, it is in Swedish however, but I am sure with a little help from Google you could make this. I think I will make these, so many patterns so little time... 
(Just remember that bunnies don't have the pink on the bottom of their soles.)

Another favourite, I really need a bunny doily or two, maybe I should go buy some sweet dusty pink or light blue yarn for this, white is a classic but I would rather have them in colours, usually colours I don't have so I have to buy more stash;)
This pattern seems to just have a diagram.

 Bunnies are also very Easter-y and I love these little dudes, they seem easy and fun, since they don't look very natural you could go berserk with colours to make them really spring into spring-y-ness.

Here is the coolest egg cozy I saw, it looks really useful and decorative and fun but you better hurry up and eat your eggs or they will get cold with this particular pattern.

I made these for my friend Evi for Christmas so I can recommend this pattern, it was easy and fun and I could use up some scraps. The white thread in-between is carried over so there is less yarn to sew in in the end which is always a good thing.

I remember in Kindergarten we made decorations like these with real egg shells and pom poms, mine is looking rather sorry now and I think it might be time for a crochet one, might last longer, but it needs shell on the top of the head as well, mine in kindergarten did.

If I didn't already have a yellow Easter bunny mug I would make this, although come to think of it, this could go as a everyday mug cozy too, I think I need this on my list after all.

A bookmark, In Norway Easter is the season we eat eggs but also we read crime books, go cross country skiing in the mountains and have lots of oranges and chocolate so a bookmark is most useful.

This is the chocolate most Norwegians eat lots of in Easter, so I had to add a pattern of this hat, it is in Norwegian though but free, so just try and see if you can crochet it ^^

My friend Tinkerbell and I had a teacher named Penny in high school and I remember we called her Henny Penny Filli Fenny.
I don't think she liked it much, but she never said anything.
This is useful, look, it is for bread and stuff, I eat bread more than I eat boiled eggs.

A doily is always useful, if I had proper yellow yarn I am sure I would make this, and a doily that is not so fragile looking were you don't use a tiny needle is more up my alley anyway. I love the look of the thin thread, I just don't have the patience or fingers for it.

Another useful kitchen item, this is not just for Easter, it is a fun pot holder, I do love fried eggs and I eat that a lot with bacon. Omnomnom.

 This little chick pretends he is all useful and all, but a Key fob just for Easter seems a bit excessive in my book, but you could always use him for something else, although nothing useful comes to mind. Mind you he could always just be decorative.

 Another decorative chicken, but I am sure you could adapt this into another pot holder if you really want something useful.

Did you find anything you liked? Did your to-do list grow as much as mine did? Think you could finish all this easter?


Mamma Nicole said...

Thank you so much for linking to my post about the bunny doily

Vilje Vanilje said...

No problem, I love the pattern and as soon as I have yarn I will make one because it is adorable :)