Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Wedding blanket squares Three

This block is called Starburst Flower square by Donna Mason-Svara and is one of those squares where the colours mattered, because I chose to use the light blue for one more round mine looks less about to burst than *Kio's.

Here is *Kio's square for comparison.

I was rather unlucky with all the pictures of this square but you do sort of get the drift, I do really wish mine looked like a star about to burst though. I do like it and the green around the star looks great. All in all, I love the colours in this, I just wish it looked less like a flower than it does... So pay attention to what colour combinations others have made and when they change the colour, because it does matter!

This square weighed 29 grams and was one were you didn't use that much yarn, here it is before I added any more rows on it to get it as big as the other.

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