Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Back to normal

Now that Easter is over I can tell you that I did finish my goals, and you might know how I like to make myself goals and some of the time actually finishing them. But I have gotten better at making goals that I can finish so that might be it. I finished my Florida shrug, did a bunch on my knitting adventure, was social, read four books and spent lots of time in the sofa with Mister M and the buns.

But look, it is finished. It weights 111 grams so I did get to use up some of my acrylics that was leftover from my pink granny square blanket.

Today I also went to my LYS for their opening, the paper was there too. I got some balls of yarn on sale that I wanted to start a shawl with and I wanted to have one with changing colours and shockingly I didn't have any in my stash so it was good the store had some for sale.... (excuses, excuses, I would have found some way to justify any yarn I bought)

I love zombies, this was a picture from a friend of Mister M where we were social this easter you know but I forgot to show you then.

And another reason I sort of had trouble keeping with my one in two out yarn policy: My friend *Kio came by with some leftover yarn for me...  Over 350 grams and with the yarn I got from Mister M for our anniversary and the yarn I bought on sale for the kitties in a row blanket I have so much yarn I can't see that I can make twice as much as I've gotten in this year. Hehe. But I will still try.

Here is my ongoing Knitting Adventure. I L O V E the colour in this, and the price was awesome if you remember, 30 kr for two balls of 100 grams, they are on sale on Panruro now too, 50 kr for one ball of 100 grams of yarn, you can see why we couldn't pass the opportunity when it was presented?

 I still have plenty of yarn before I start the decrease and it is already longer than the orange one, so using a bigger needle really did do the trick, I can't wait to start the next one.

Bunnies are napping as usual.


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