Saturday, 5 March 2016

Two for one and counting blankets

The iPad cover for my mother is finished. I found a button in my stash and sewed it on. The pattern for the iPad cover is from my head.
 I start with even numbers and make one DC first on every row and skip one stitch, make a DC in that and go back into the skipped stitch to make another DC this way it looks like X's all the way, last stitch is another DC and I keep at it until it is long enough, where it folds I only DC in the back loop only and a row of DC's on each side so it has the debt to keep an iPad mini inside. Lastly I crochet it together at the sides on the backside with sc stitches.

I used wool yarn from Nille that my mother chose and I used a 2,5 hook instead of the suggested 3,5-4 to make my stitches tight enough to hold the iPad. Mine is a few years old now and still works fine.

And since I only used a little under 2 skeins and my mother bought three I have a new start (actually I have two, it should go two finishes one start, oh well).

The grey was some yarn I already had and since I had a little more than one skein of the beige left and it felt so cat-like in their colours I started the kitties in a row afghan. But almost two skeins of any yarn has never amounted into a throw of any decent size so I have to go out and buy more yarn... But because of my new policy (with the two finishes one start policy) which is to buy the same amount of yarn I use I needed to finish some more yarn so I started another start, I am making another Florida Shrug and this time I hope to actually finish it in the way that the pattern states. So I found some Acrylic yarn I had in white from a granny square blanket back in 2014. 
I hope to use about two skeins of that yarn too, so that means I can buy four skeins of yarn next week.  (that is a good start of a blanket, but I still need more)
Stay tuned!


Yes, I know I have several blankets started, but here are some excuses why it is much more fun to start a new one!
I have given up on my chevron afghan because making it is Alpaca was useless, it needs either wool or cotton I think, because the yarn catches and is impossible to frog any portion I have done wring and in chevron there is always something going wrong.
Then there is my bunnies blanket which is a bit hard to do when I haven't the pattern for it, you see I thought it would look good with half the bunnies mirrored but it was too hard to do in my head so now we need more ink for the printer to print out both patterns mirrored and regular before I can make another start on that one, but I have taken it out of hiding, so that is a start? 
Then there is the waves blanket, that is so close to being finished, since I have no more yarn I have to finish it, but I SO wanted it to be a larger blanket so I hesitate to finish it, but all the yarn is discontinued that is why I had the money to buy the yarn in the first place... There really isn't any other choice but to make it a small blanket, maybe a baby blanket?
Lastly theres is the other alpaca blanket that I have learned is too big, the yarn can't handle the weight and it is drooping, I HATE that so I am thinking about either scrapping the whole thing and use the yarn for something else since the yarn is oh so soft or making it into to lapghans... Either way it needs some frogging and I hate frogging, frogging sounds like defeat so I procrastinate.
So you see why I NEED another blanket right? And since half of the people I love love cats there are endless possibilities on who to give it to.
Then there is the baby granny square blanket I am doing and the knitted baby bunny blanket I want to make before May for the baby my friend will have, which isn't started yet, but I have the yarn.
I am not quite sure who will get the white shrug, but I do have some cousins and friends that can actually use white, I can't because I A L W A Y S spill on myself as soon as I put something white on.
So there is lots to do.

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