Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Wedding blanket squares four

I have another block a week square from the wedding blanket to show you.

This square was easy and I loved the basket effect that the last few dark rows gave. The purple mesh made this square one of the faster ones, but the lighter blue granny square pattern helped. The berries (popcorns) in the middle make this square interesting and it is one of the times my popcorns really popped like they should!

I like the colours in this square and it didn't use up too much yarn either since it weighed 30 grams.
But I think my favourite part of this pattern was the weaving basket like pattern in the last few rounds. The effect was made with several backpost double crochet stitches and several regular DC stitches and the other way around the next round, very easy and a technique I am sure I will use later.
All in all a square I would like to make again, just not enough to make a blanket although I am not so sure there are any square patterns out there I would like to make that many times. I am too easily bored. hehe.

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