Thursday, 10 March 2016

Chugging Along

I picked up my scarf/shawl knitting and I am feeling like there is a finish soon on the steps, which means I can buy more yarn! I was going out today to meet a friend and shop some, but suddenly the doorbell rang and a couple who used to be my parents friends who were in the neighbourhood came by for a cup of cofee. I haven't seen them since my dad died, but I got a nice flower from them and it suddenly feels more like spring than winter....

So I had to put a new spring-like doily out, this one I bought at a flea market and I love it. 

Also because I was bad and not following my own rules I have now crocheted a whole pattern repeat and am now on number two. I am hoping I have enough yarn for grey in the bottom, then purple, hot pink, purple and then grey again which I think will look awesome! We will see if there is a border in sight. I am hoping this won't take years to finish!

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