Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Wedding blanket squares Two

Square number Two.
Popcorn Parade. Pattern on Ravelry can be found here.
This square weighed 35 grams, and as all of them is about 21 cm after we added some DC's around the square.
I think this is the square where my popcorns or bobble look the best, I only learnt the bobble stitch when I made the Hat with bauble beard last Christmas (pattern of beard) and those bobbles looked good as well, so I am not sure why some of the later bobbles do not look as good.

I know this picture is a bit dark and the other is bathed in light, but there you go.
I love the dark blue around the flower it really makes the flower pop! I remember this square was fairly easy and finished in about four hours, I also like the light blue mesh type of rows (which I think was partly why it didn't take forever to make.) I tried to only use four colours in each square both to make it look less busy and so I didn't have to weave in too many ends, I don't know anyone who likes weaving in ends....

The darker blue was hard to photograph, but here is the square before we added any more rows on it and before sewing in the ends and blocking, luckily this square was rather square-y and did not need too much blocking, but I did wet-block and iron all my squares, which might be the reason why some of my popcorn stitches sort of fell down, but E2 can try to pop them back up.

Link to *Kio's square.

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