Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Easter and checking in

M and I had our six month anniversary last Saturday and spent the day shopping and later watching "Oh Brother, were art thou" on TV, I loved the movie BTW. And we ate cake, lots of cake, M surprised me with cake from our wedding from the freezer and I surprised him with cake I bought at the store. Haha. I got lots of yarn, 30 balls of wool which made me happy, and M got a note with the same amount on STEAM, so he can buy games which made him happy.

All the squares of my baby granny blanket is done and I am in the middle of crocheting them together which is quite tedious, but the edge is a carrot and I am edging towards it, edging is always so much fun!
 Maybe I want to do the heart edge again only this time with the scallop edging I envisioned on the Wedding Blanket....

The Florida Shrug is over halfway through, and I am having fun with this, and easy project while watching TV. Only problem is that the whole thing is covered with tiny little black hairs. #Troubleswithblackbunnies

And since it is Easter I have pulled out my new shiny Easter mug M gave me and am happily hooking some small Easter critters, I made these last year too, but I am definitely making a garland this time!

I love the bunny pattern, but both are easy and fun and with the right colours make spring sing.
This yarn is acrylics from Nille, but I don't think they have the same colours anymore, which is too bad because even though I am not a fan of acrylics I am a huge fan of the colours here.

I made these a few years back, but have since misplaced them so I made a few more using some scraps of yarn and on one I added a little scallop edge. The adorable little chicks inside I bought at the store earlier but I would like to make them myself, too bad I am not that good at amigurumi...

I also picked up a small cross stitch kit from Permin that my mother found in her chest just before Christmas and gifted to me. My hand are hating sewing at the moment, but the pattern is oh, so cute and you know how I love making things that are seasonal so I just had to sew some. But alas, you see all that yellow I did? I used the wrong colour, the colour I mistook for light yellow was just plain yellow and the light yellow is actually white! So now I have to frog half my work, which I hate.
Oh well, that will teach me (probably not since this is not the first time I did this---) to not double check all the colours before starting a kit.

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