Friday, 11 March 2016

Today I can't count but does that count?

Hello, says bunny, she likes to get attention and since I have been out today she is a little diva and demanding attention constantly.

My scarf/shawl is finished! It measures 1,54 m long and 0,40 m wide and weighs a little under 200 grams. Yay! I started this five weeks ago but since I concentrated on the large blanket this got only a little love. *Kio helped me start it but I remembered how to do the decreases all by myself which is a big step forward with my knitting skills.

Here is the scarf outside our apartment, I used two skeins of Katia Azteca which I got on sale from Panduro. My mother also bought some, I wonder what she will make.

Next time though I think I will make the increases every sixth row instead of four, but here is the pattern anyway if anyone wants to try it... I want to make another, but I need to buy a bigger knitting needle, I need a circular 6 I think...

Waffles is the best!

I mentioned I was out and about, since I have so many finishes I could buy some yarn so I met my friend Evi for coffee, shopping and a trip to the library. And I did do lots of shopping.

Now on my bunny blanket I used 10 balls of yarn and the scarf used 4 so I could buy 14 new balls of yarn for my cat afghan, too bad Nille had a sale... Does this look like 14 balls of yarn? I am blaming my dyscalculia;)  these 24 balls are in cat colours, but I bought some that were just on sale and not cat colours because I had to buy 10 for 100 kr and most of those were not in cat colours. Teehee. (I might be only showing you the cat coloured yarn I bought and not the others, so I might have bought more than 24 balls of yarn)

And I bought a box for my yarn, which Mimle hated and tried to bite through, so much for buying something the bunnies would leave alone. You see I wanted a wicker basket but Evi said that would be eaten up within the week and since I agreed this little box came home instead. But we put it away by the sofa and Mimle hasn't found it yet. Hah. I win.

Some of these colours I am sure will turn into presents, (Some of these I already had)

So: 14 balls of yarn out
and 35 in? 
Obviously I can't count, (this number may also be wrong) so I better use up some more yarn, because I want to use more than I buy!
 Wait, I have given away 8 balls of yarn too from my stash so that counts right?
So only 22 out and 35 in, better, but still room for improvement I think.

And I have made another pattern repeat on my kitties in a row afghan and some only white shrug.

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