Sunday, 13 March 2016

Bunnies and Kitties and glitter and yarn

(I have done three more repeats since this picture was taken this morning)

My kitties in a row afghan is coming along nicely, it seems though that even though I bought lots of yarn it is not enough to finish this blanket:S
So far I have made 20 cm and used 172 grams of yarn and since I am adamant this will be given to someone adult sized who likes to take naps it needs to be big enough, so M and I had a brief discussion and agreed I needed to buy enough yarn so that I only use these eight colours...
I have three different greys, three different browns and black and white, all proper kitty colours... We haven't figured out how much more I need to buy yet though.. Better let M do that math, me and numbers are not exactly best buds.

But I am loving this pattern, and it does go rather smoothly and fast, at least when I am doing it right, I have done four or five rows more than once, but I blame that, still, on the French Tv Watching.

I love my new bunny dish and sparkly bunnies,
I decided the one on the bottom is Valmin being blissfully unaware that he is being threaded on by Mimle who is trying to see if there is something edible up on that dish.

If the bunnies are not looking for food they are sleeping. We had company over this weekend, M's friends and both bunnies are not shy about begging for treats! At least this time no one was bitten by Mimle in disapproval.

I am amazed I haven't killed this flower yet! We will see if it will actually survive easter!
Speaking of Easter, I should take out my decorations and look them over, I L O V E easter, there are so many adorable bunny decorations.


I was at the store and since I am easily amused, here is something I found funny:

Round cheese? Looks square to me.

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