Friday, 4 March 2016

The Wedding Blanket Revealed

The Wedding Blanket

Here it is, finished in our hotel room just waiting to be ironed. It weighed more than 3,3 kilos and was made mostly with Søstrene Grene Cotton with the grey border in Nille yarn.

I made 53 squares in total and in the coming weeks I will give you close ups of each one.
Since this was a wedding blanket we added lots of hearts. We didn't do all the squares in the Block a week CAL 2014 from Dedri but we did do all the heart ones.

Can you see the heart? My friend *kio made her hearts in one colour so it is easier to see.
This square is called Never ending love, which I hope the newly weds will have ^^

But in Peppermint Mocha Frappe the hearts are super clear, and in this one I learnt and made mine in the same colour, this is also the heart we used on the border.

We did three rows of border, all in DC, the first row in grey, the second in red and the last also in grey, we added the heart between row two and three. We did contemplate to make another row in grey in fans around but decided there was enough happening so the blanket would look best with a clean border.

Then there is the clearest heart of all, the Grandma's heart square.

This square has the most hidden heart of all, can you see it? This block is called the Mystery Anticipation Square, and it has two rows of hearts.

Each square got some extra rows so they measured about 21 cm, *Kio and mine tension varied a little both between us and between each square so we blocked our squares a lot.
We used about four hours on each square and each squared weighed around 30 grams so we used a lot of yarn! 
But we still have some left since we bought lots the second time we went out to buy more yarn because we realised we had too little the first time around.

It looks good folded up too, and as you can see some of the blocks pop up from the rest. Each square is interesting and exiting and sometimes *Kio and mine look completely different due to different colours but sometimes we actually interpreted the patterns differently, like the green one with the flower seen here.

We added a few heart squares in filet crochet to calm our afghan a bit and to make more hearts and I really like the effect. I used these patterns (heart square and stacked hearts) while *Kio I think designed her own hearts and made some stacked hearts. You can tell what squares they are because they are the only solid coloured ones with white and then grey borders.

All squares got at least two rows of colour, one in colour and the last in grey so that it would be easy to crochet them together. We crochet them together downwards first which was a lot of fastening off threads and then we crocheted the finished panels together with Single Crochet the other way.
There are 99 squares in 9x11 format and the whole blanket is 170x250 cm and as I said weighs about 3,3 kilos.

The afghan is here seated on two big single beds so it looks a bit small.
Evi helped us to iron and arranged the squares before we crocheted them together which was super helpful. Mimle and Valmin however did not help and kept throwing the squares around and making a mess, they chinned most squares and left tons of fur and some hay in-between.

We cross stitched the married couple's initials and date of marriage around a heart square. We knew the bride loved blue and later learned that the groom loved red so we incorporated that too, and I must say I love the colours together, even though there are lots of different colours they sort of stay in the same cool colour family with a few exceptions so the blanket looks soothing from afar.
 *Kio cross stitched the numbers and I did the letters.

Started 18th of June 2015 and finished 24th of February 2016
Squares: 99
Size: 170x250
Weight: 3269 grams, according to my kitchen weight
Skeins: Around 66

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