Friday, 1 April 2016

A-Z challenge A

is for Afghan

An afghan is another word for a blanket or throw. 
You can make one using crochet, knitting or with fabric.
It can be smaller and then the name can change into baby blanket or lapghan,
 (a lapghan is a blanket that is small enough to have on your lap.)
It can be made from the middle and outwards, back and forth or by making small shapes and then attaching them together.
 I have made many blankets, mostly I have been crocheting, but I have made a few knitted ones too. I have never tried to sew one though as I am not that good friends with my sewing machine.

Here are some of my finished afghans. 

Knitted blankets:
Made in squares and sewn together, some crochet parts were added made by my friends and me.

Baby-blanket knitted heart squares sewn together with crochet border.

Crochet blankets:

Granny square blankets, adult sized. Crocheted together.

Different stitches crochet blanket made by me in leftover threads. Crocheted back and forth, adult sized or a lapghan for two people.

 Lapghan or babyblanket.

Granny square blanket adult sized with the join as you go method.

The wedding blanket made out of different crochet squares crocheted together from the block a week CAL 2014 made by my friend *Kio  and me.

 As you can see I have made many afghans in different techniques, sizes and patterns, I have four more blankets on the go at the moment and one that will be frogged but more about that later.
Afghans take a lot of time to make but is very fun to do and the difficulty is all in the pattern you choose and it is a good gift.

Here are a list on Ravelry of my favourite afghan patterns.

A is for Afghan.


abetterjulie said...

Those are wonderful! Wow, you've done a lot of different kinds. Have you ever done a log cabin? I did one several years ago, and I'm thinking about starting another. I'd love to do one with scraps, but it seems overwhelming when I consider it.

Vilje Vanilje said...

Thank you :) I have never done a log cabin unfortunately, but I would love to :)

Brenna said...

I am pretty sure I started my blanket project before I got Kasper... Very Wisp that one, but I will finish it one year (coz I still love the yarn I chose)!

Scarlett Braden said...

Amazing talent and beautiful creations. I am in awe.

@ScarlettBraden from
Frankly Scarlett

Vilje Vanilje said...

Brenna: I can't even remember your blanket project! So it must have been a while since you started. Maybe it is time to start again soon then?

Vilje Vanilje said...

Scarlett Braden: thank you. The oldest afghan is from 2010 i think, but most are rather small as I am not the most patient person. Crochet is fun and most of these patterns are very simple so a beginner could certainly make them.:)