Wednesday, 6 April 2016

A-Z challenge E

E is for Edging.

When you have made your finished item sometimes it feels like it needs a little more finishing, a little more something, a little more edge.

An edge gives the project a little more polished feel, like a good frame it can make the pattern inside pop or cool it down a little, it is all in the stitch and colour.
The edge can totally change the feeling of your project, it makes it a little bit bigger and in some cases help your product stay flat.

The edge can be super complicated or a nice simple Single-stitch border.

Here is a sideways simple scallop edge that I made on my wedding dress.

On the bottom of the same dress there is a more difficult edge, but there are edges even more complicated than this.
 Just search for edge and see if it fits your project. Remember to count the stitches so that the repeats fit with the stitches on your project and see what the pattern says about corners if you have any because those are usually made differently.

Here is another simpler edge, one grey round of Double stitch with three chains in the corner, one row of Double stitch in red with corners made with three chains, I then started the red hearts in the first grey chains, turned, did the second row of the heart and lastly turned and made the last row of the heart. I cut the red yarn and made three more. Then I crocheted the last round of grey which was worked in Double stitch with three single stitches between the rounded parts of the heart into the chains there.

The granny square blanket deserved a granny stitch border in a classic, clear, crisp, calming white.

I think the granny edge is my go to edge, but scallop, single stitch or picot is also something I use a lot, mostly the simpler ones, but I would like to crochet an edge over several rows, an edge that takes it over the top. Like this:

  Found here.                                                                                              Found here.


abetterjulie said...

Those stitches on your wedding dress look beautiful! I'd love to see more pictures of it. My favorite go-to edging is picot.

Vilje Vanilje said...

Thank you, I loved my wedding dress. :) although it felt like I did the same repeats forever on the body of the dress. You could go to my ravelry page where there are some more pictures, or look at my wedding pictures spam post here:

Picot stitches are lovely, I agree ^^ Thank you for visiting again, hope you are having a good day.

abetterjulie said...

Oh, it's beautiful! What a lovely dress. :) I really admire large projects like dresses. So much work, but a great worth it.