Friday, 29 April 2016

A-Z challenge Y

Y is for Yarn-stash

Yarn-stash is sort of self-explanatory, it is my yarn that is stashed.
I have shown you my stash of cross-stitch and my hooks and needles, scissor-fobs and needle-minders and so I thought the time had come to show you my yarn stash and where I keep it. 
(oh and remember my giveaway)

Here in my doll-house lives all my hooks and knitting needles in one pink box and all my craft books, in the other three boxes there are yarn. One is full of alpaca, one baby-wool and one is a misc box of gifted yarn.
  • Alpacca: 1636 g
  • Baby-Wool 2169 g
  • Pink Gifted yarn: 1176 g

Then I have the chest I inherited from my father in here there are the odd ball out and finished things and started projects mostly. All in neat little bags.

I dug out some more bags  and boxes from around the house, each bag or box has the started item and the yarn to finish. The bag in the left corner is full of the yarn I frogged over at F
  • All 1941 grams.
  • 700 g of Misc
  • 540 Acryllics
  • 300 g of thin crochet yarn
  • 250 of hooked recycled yarn
  • 700 g of Acrylics grey for the baby bunny blanket in the box
  • 800 g of Aztec for scarfs
  • 668g for Lapghan 
  • 622 g of Maybelle Cotton squares
  • 150 g Lizard Shawl
Then I have these boxes, one for sock yarn, the two grey for Wool and the bottom is for cotton.
  • 1143 g of sock yarn
  • 4900 g of cotton
  • 4820 g of Wool

This is all yarn for my Kitties in a row afghan so it needs a lot of yarn, luckily I got lots from Mister M for Valentines and lots on sale, so I got 4 kilos of this yarn o.0

Which means if I can count that I have 22515 g of yarn, which is a little over 22 kilos of yarn.
Is that too much? Maybe, which is why I have my two out one in policy of yarn and only buy thing now if they are more than 50% off or if needed for a project that can't wait... But I should probably get cracking and finish some things soon.
(I am hoping I have miscounted somewhere, after all I have dyscalculia and frequently count wrong... So there is hope)

Remember on Sunday there will be a giveaway, all you need to do to enter is comment on the post I make on Sunday and you might get some of my stash, both cross stitch and yarn, hooks and perhaps something finished.


abetterjulie said...

Your yarn stash is lovely and neat! Mine is a bit of a mess. :)

C R Ward said...

That's one impressive yarn stash!

Carol at My Writing Journal

Vilje Vanilje said...

abetterjulie: Thank you, I must say that we have only lived here for nearly two years so I haven't had that much time to make a mess;) Also my crafting supplies might be the only thing here except M's DVDs that actually are in their places and in some kind of order.

C R Ward: Well, yes, I feel a bit ashamed to be honest, but I did finish 400 g of yarn today so now I have a little bit less of a stash;) Also I have declared May my No Buying Yarn month and hopefully I can finish some more things and have an even lighter stash.