Saturday, 16 April 2016

A-Z challenge N

N is for Needleminders and Scissor-fobs

A needleminder is something that keeps your needle from getting lost when you are busy crafting and a scissorfob is something attached to you scissor to easily find it. 
There are many different designs out there, I have crochet pincushions, sewn ones and magnets. And they all work well for different purposes. As you can see here are an assortment, I like them all. The last picture also shows some bunnies (and one I got in a magazine with a magnet to hold your needle too)I have that can keep my thread when I cross stitch and I L O V E these!

My friend *Kio has lots of magnet needle minders.

The Bunny one is mine and I mainly use it for Cross-stitching. I gave my friend *Kio a magnet needle minder that has a magnet on both sides so it can sit on your cross stitching fabric, I think this is the best kind of needle minder for cross stitching if you use a hoop. (it is better to use the magnet needle minder if your fabric is taut.) But when you don't use a hoop the bunny one is fine. She also has a cup which is magnetic with her scissor and needles and a magnet board over her desk with another magnet and a needle that lives there. I think I need more order with my darning needles because I lost my beautiful one and scissor that lived in my pink Tulip pouch:( I hope  it is somewhere in the house still and since I bought new ones today I will find the old ones.

I also have this Biscornu that I made years ago that I sometimes stick my needle into. I want to make a smaller one and attach a scissor because I think combining needle minder and scissorfobs so that 
I can really have "orden i sysakene" which as I explained in my H post means I have my sewing gear in order is a good idea, and then I can easily take them with me when I take my crafting around town.

Here I am in the middle of making another Biscornu where I am going to add a scissor, but I didn't finish it it time because my LYS only got scissors today.
 But maybe I will show the finished item soon.


Brenna said...

What, so sticking my cross stitch needles to my trousers by my thigh/knee when changing colours isn't how you do it properly? xD

Roslyn Core said...

Your little N angle is so cute. :) I've never been a fan of needle books - I always found my needles went rusty in them. I do have a biscorni one I use occasionally.

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abetterjulie said...

I love the bunny needle minder! It's adorable. I use plastic needles for my yarn ends and cabling, and I tend to lose it in the bed, my bra, my hair, wherever. I've yet to find a good place. I also chew it, which is an awful habit, I know.

Vilje Vanilje said...

Brenna: No it is not ;) Perhaps that is something on your wish list;) I have seen wonderful cat ones. I am too scared the buns will thread on the needles if they are laying about because they have a tendency to get into mischief sillybuns, are your cats not like that? :O

Roslyn Core: Thank you, the pattern is from an old British cross stitch magazine and I think I might have stitched almost all the letters in the alphabet by now, almost. My needles haven't rusted yet but maybe I have been lucky? I highly recommend a magnet needle minder if you ever feel like your biscornu needs a break.

abetterjulie: I love the bunny needle minder too, I nagged my friends to buy me one for my birthday a few years back because I could not live without it, and it is pretty useful and decorative so I can live with it sitting on the DVD shelf when we have company over. But I guess they won't work for you since you have plastic needles, but my friend Brenna uses her crochet hook to weave in yarn ends sometimes, at least that needle is easier to find;)