Friday, 22 April 2016

A-Z challenge S

S is for scarf, shawl, shrug

I love simplicity as well as things that are complex, and I must say I love scarfs, shawls and shrugs. Because they can be simple and elegant or complex and fun. There are endless possibilities.
I think I make most of those things in a year, which might be because I gift a lot of them away.  And they are usually rather fast to do and fun and warm and usually you don't need heaps of yarn to do them.

This year I have already made two shrugs and two scarfs and I am going to make a lot more. And on the steps are a shawl, one in Japanese flowers and then there is the Victoria shawl Mister M bought me the pattern for. I have the yarn for another card and then there is lots of other shrug patterns I would love to make... My to-do-list keeps growing.

Btw, this is the scarf I finished the other day.
A scarf is something you wrap around your neck to keep the cold away.
A shawl is something you wrap around your torso to keep the cold away
A shrug is a small jacket type thing you wrap around your torso to keep the cold away, the good thing about a shrug is that it won't fall off since it is attached to your arms, the other garments may fall off unless you fasten with a brooch or somethings. But you could add a shawl over your shrug if you are on the colder side.
Can you tell I do my best to keep the cold away? Might be why I love to make these things as I am always cold, and an extra project on my lap with the blanket I always wear helps me to keep warm and toasty and when finished I can wrap them around me as well. Win win.

I could add socks, I learnt knitting socks last year and made two and a half pair and then I proceeded to buy lots of sock yarn so I might get a move on and make more, things is, I only know one size, mine unless I have the feet to measure up against all the time which is how Mister m got his pair. But to be honest I don't love making socks yet, they take too long, but I will make a couple this year.


abetterjulie said...

I love making all of those! Shrugs are great cause you don't have to fuss with them when you wear them!

SENCO Cat Herder said...

I have also decided to concentrate on making scarves, shawls, shrugs and socks this year after completing a large knitted jacket recently. As you say, they use a lot less wool and I can begin to use up some of my stash of odd balls! I will be reading all of your posts to see what else you've been making :) Lovely to meet through the A-Z Challenge.
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Vilje Vanilje said...

abetterjulie: Are you even good at sock knitting? I find that really hard, but I guess practise makes perfect. :)
I agree, shrugs are great, and they won't fall off and if you are still cold you could always put a shawl on top of your shrug;)

SENCO Cat Herder: Wow a large knitted jacket, I must see that.I have seen jackets made up of stash busting yarn too, just saying;) But yes, I understand scarfes, shawls and shrugs are great, I usually suffer from startisis and want to start something new when I have not finished so smaller projects are good, they have a much greater chance of actually getting finished! I will check out your blog as well.