Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The Wedding Blanket Squares Nine

Block Nine Never Ending Love by Aurora Suominen

This was another easy square, and it was very fun to do. It took me a while to understand that the things in the corners were hearts and had I done that in time I would have done what *Kio did and made them in one colour, I think hers are easier to see are hearts because of that.
This square had bobbles/popcorn stitches and front post double crochet stitches which make the straight sides of the heart. When the hearts are done round eights starts by going behind the round bits of the heart and then between the different hearts. This is most visible in *Kio's square because this is where she changed colour. The heart stands a bit up over the rest of the squares an adds a good little 3d effect that is quite effective. This is one of my favourite squares. I am sure within my top ten.

I like my colour choices, but it is a bit hard to see the heart.

This square was 39 grams according to my notes and was one of the heaviest squares. 21x21 cm after the last grey row.

*Kio's square, here you can clearly see the hearts are elevated above the rest.

*Kio's square, I adore her colour choices and wish I had used solid blocks of colour until the hearts were done...

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Tami Von Zalez said...

Love, love, love the color combo in the first image. Very lovely craftsmanship.