Thursday, 7 April 2016

A-Z challenge F

F is for frogging

Urban dictionary describes frogging as the sound a frog makes "rip it rip it" which sounds like the sound yarn makes when you unravel your project due to an error.

I hate frogging, I absolutely dread it and try to avoid it if I can. Usually if I make an error in something I will be so furious that I can't bear to look at my project for days, weeks and in some cases even years which has resulted in me having tons of half-finished projects languishing away in a box somewhere. If I can I work around an error, because frogging can cause several troubles, like in the cross stitch daffodil I started before Easter, I will.
It was a kit so there are only a few strands of each colour, the kit is old, discontinued and the thread is unlabelled. So I am pretty screwed if I destroy any of the strands I will try to unpick as there won't be enough left to finish. Luckily in this case I had barely enough. If I could I would have worked around my error, but it was impossible, because I had used the wrong colour in the wrong place and the flower has light yellow on top and more colourful yellow downwards so the colour defines the picture which makes it vital to use the right one. But honestly, the lightest yellow look like white, so naturally I assumed it was white and took the wrong colour... Note to self, always double check colours!

Anyway I have frogged the wrong colour, salveged the rest of the yarn and finished the portion that was wrong.

But I have more frogging to show you, you don't always frog something just because you made an error, here I had to frog an entire blanket because the yarn couldn't cope with that much weight and started drooping. So I spent three hours yesterday frogging one of the five squares I already did, I was not happy, but thinking about what I can make with this expensive soft alpaca yarn made me feel a little happier. I want to make this. I just hope the yarn can take it. Or I will just have to knit scarves and wrist warmers.

I started this blanket way back in 2011 so it is a big old wip so it is about time that I finish it. I think it is two years since I decided the yarn wasn't strong enough so that is how long it languished in a box. Poor thing.

Here is me ripping one of the five squares.

-if you turn the volume up you can almost hear the rip it- rip it sound-


Tami Von Zalez said...

Frogging sounds similar to ripping in quilting. I seldom rip stitches as you can cover errors with more thread and if all else fails, applique.

Sunday Visitor said...

It's an interesting word. Never knew about it.

J.L. Campbell said...

I wouldn't be happy either if I had to unravel something I'd worked reallly hard at crafting.

abetterjulie said...

Sometimes I feel like I do more frogging that I do knitting!

Vilje Vanilje said...

Tami Von Zalez: we call it ripping too sometimes. I think frogging is most used with cross stitching, but I use it in all my ripping.

Sunday Visitor: It seems to be a niche word so not exactly a dictionary word;) But a word is a word even if used by a only a specific group of people right?

J.L Campbell: No, but I know I will be happy when i can actually use the yarn and finish something and if it turns into a scarf I can use I will be super happy. And then I can start something new.

abetterjulie: Sometimes I do feel that way too, not a good feeling, but my friend always says that you get more fun for your money when you use your yarn twice;)