Thursday, 28 April 2016

A-Z challenge X

X is for x-stitching. Or Cross-stitching if we want to be exact.
Cross stitching is an form of sewing where the stitches cross each other to form X's.

As with crochet I did learn somewhere in my childhood but it never really took my fancy, I used to be a book and drawing girl more than a craft girl, but in 2010 when my friend E2 was sewing I felt like I  wanted to have another go at it, and here I am in the sofa with E2 stitching away in the summer of 2010 according to the date on the photo. I had bought a child kit with a cat for my start but soon ventured into more difficult patterns.

And here I am teaching my two cousins to sew, neither of them are craft girls but more book girls, but  later they might find that they want to do some sort of craft like I did.

I lost my stitching bug for a some time while I crocheted but I have found it now and am trying to finish off some of my started things...  And I must say that even though it is a craft that takes a while  to finish I am quite enjoying it again.

Later I started to design some of my own patterns and here are a few of my designs, I don't make many but I have made some, my goal in life is to make more and perhaps someone will stitch what I have design. ^^

Star Trek Enterprise TOS

Kokeshi dolls of W group

Christmas bunny sampler

Halloween, set of four

Happy Easter in Norwegian

Spring picture with bunny

Do you cross stitch? Have you tried to design anything? 
What would you like to stitch if there was a pattern?
My favorite thing to stitch must be bunnies, but I guess that wasn't hard to guess.

Oh, and this is my 555th post, so I am hosting a giveaway on Sunday if you want to hang around after the a-z series^^


Tami Von Zalez said...

I made two counted cross stitch birth samples, one for each child, and a couple of stamped cross stitch baby pillows. I enjoyed it at the time, but I really wasn't motivated to make anything else in cross stitch.

Karen O'Connor said...

I do a lot of crafts but other than a couple of small cross stitch kits which I used in my scrapbooking I haven't done a lot of needlework. That's cool that you're creating some of your own designs.

Weekends in Maine

Vilje Vanilje said...

Tami Von Zalez: But you did get to make the best thing you can make in my opinion in cross stitch, a birth sampler for both your kids is quite impressive and I am sure they will treasure them always. :)

Karen O'Connor: I haven't done much scrapbooking, another craft I want to do, but I try to limit my crafting or our whole house would be nothing but craft supplies;) I have seen these cool maps that you cross stitch and fill in the countries you have been, maybe that is something you would like, if you travel and make books of those travels. Thank you, it is a lot of fun creating your own patterns even if it is a lot of work. ^^