Sunday, 24 April 2016

Flea market thrifting

This weekend I met up with my mother and stayed the night, On the way to the bus it snowed! 

We had planned to go out to a flea-market early the next day by her house as is tradition, we have found lots of gems there every time we have gone so it is something I look forward too! This year my mother had to work evening shift but we had time to make a brief visit to the stalls. And there was lots to see, since both of us sort have a buying stop policy we did mostly look, but we did fins some gems.

I found a lantern and more green glasses and bowl that we own so now we have a spare and some small plates I want to have my tea-bags on when I have visitors. Mum bought a tea-box, two knitted lace doilies, one hardanger table cloth and some woven table clots. Most in good shape and very cheap. But the best thing we found were a new storage and sitting pouff for my mother and the plan is to throw away the two worn out ones she have that don't have storage and a chair for me.

Can you tell, it is just like my grandmothers chair, only in red! I L O V E it! I never asked Mister M for permission, I just bought it, because I thought it wasn't for sale and when it was and I heard the price I just could not walk away from it....

Since I had to take the bus home it is sitting in my old room at my mums until she can drive it here.

We splurged and bought waffles too, but can you believe we spent about 300 and 150  Norwegian Krones each? The pouff was 60 and the chair 250 which is a steal, you would be hard pressed to find a new one for that price even and I love the chair. It is comfy for small people like me and it is just so gorgeous!

Then mum went to work and I met Mister M for a date and we had sushi and went home to watch a bad movie, this time it was Twins.

But I had fun! Let us do it again soon. There is a fall flea-market too you know?


abetterjulie said...

I love the chair, but it made me sad. We had to get rid of a chair that had been my grandmother's. It was finally falling apart, but I miss it. I'm glad you found one you love so much!!

Vilje Vanilje said...

Oh no, I think that can be sad, but even if we have to get rid of broken things that remind us of our loved ones we don't loose the memories at least. I know one day I have to get rid of grandmothers chair, the fabric is ripped and needs to be replaced but I am wary of it in case it won't feel like grandmothers chair anymore. She picked berries and sold and eventually bought the chair with her own money and she loved it. It was indeed thrown away at one point but another relative saved it in case it could be reupholstered and later I got it. For now though it has a blanket on top of the ripped parts because it is still very comfortable to sit in.
I hope you have lots of memories and maybe something else to remember your grandmother by :)