Saturday, 9 April 2016

A-Z challenge H

H is for hooks,

Did you know that in Norwegian we call it a crochet needle and knitting stick?
(well sometimes it is called a heklekrok (crochet hook)

 Also in Norwegian there is a saying "Å ha orden i sysakene" which translated means to have order in ones sewing kits, but it is used to mean you have order in anything:
So it can be used at the workplace for someone who is on top of everything and has everything in order.
I wanted to show you I have my sewing kits in order. (in this case my hooks in order)

I have lots of crochet hooks, some are better than others I must confess. I L O V E my pink Tulip hooks, those are the best I ever had to crochet with, the grip is perfect, it weighs just right, the plastic handle is good quality and the hook part works perfectly. Unfortunately I have lost my number 1,5 hook:(
The plain iron hooks in the picture above are the worst I can work with, because they don't have a handle, but I bought them before I knew there existed the handle ones and after I purchased the plastic handle ones I can crochet for hours without hurting!
I have some in bamboo and wood and those are better than the iron ones, but still not perfect, I have a  flat wooden hook which is even better than the round ones. 
The black, green, blue and white plastic handle ones are number two on my list, the coloured ones are not as heavy as my pink ones and therefor are marginally worse to use than my pink ones, the black ones are in between those two regarding usability over time.
I have one glittery hook which is a little bit better to use than the iron ones, but I would not recommend buying one.
My smallest hook is 1,75 in this picture and 6 is the biggest, but I do have even bigger ones, just scroll down.
(let me add that I hold the hook like my mother which is not the right way to hold it, I hold it like this)
Because I hold my hook a bit weird I have not tried the ergonomically correct hooks.

My biggest hooks. Sizes 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12. I wonder if there is an 11... I haven't used these yet, so I am not sure how good they are, but the grip seems fine since it has that all important plastic handle.

I have lovely little pouches for my hooks with a darning needle, scissor and in the bigger ones I have measuring tape and place markers.

The odd hooks I have in a small pink pencil case and some with my knitting needles.

Speaking of knitting needles, here are my entire stash of knitting accessories.

And they all live neatly in my dollhouse in a designated box.


abetterjulie said...

Yours are so neat compared to mine! I have a favorite circular bamboo knitting needle that I've used so much the one point is blunted. It's funny how we get favorites that way! I've never used a crochet hook with a handle. I might try that to see if I like it better.

Vilje Vanilje said...

Try that and see :) haha. Yes, I understand completely about your favorite knitting needles, i hope you could get a new pair if yours get broken. My bunnies hate my bamboo knitting needles so I have to hide them when not used because they will drag them out from the loops, throw them on the floor or nibble on them. ;) which is why they all live in the dollhouse.

abetterjulie said...

Ah! That's SO cute!! Funny bunnies. :)