Saturday, 23 April 2016

A-Z challenge T

T is for To-Do-List

Which keeps growing and growing the more I patterns I discover so much so that I am not quite sure I will ever be able to do them all! I am sure all crafters can agree!

I have most list in my head, but I sometimes have actual lists too, I am a real list-person.
 Ravelry is a place I have a huge list and the good thing about that place is that it is where the patterns are too so they are easy to find.

So here is this weeks list, next week things may change....

I wonder how many hours this list would take to finish? Some of the cross stitch things are quite big and difficult, Frederick the cat is on black aida and is a real pain, Henry the eight has lots of beads... I think I started those about four years ago...  So those are real wisps.
Some of the crochet things will go by in a breeze if I ever sit down to actually finish them that is, but the knitting might be harder as I am not quite confident at that yet.

I think even with all my stash I don't have enough yarn or fabric to finish all these things, and I think it would take me all year at least to finish the crochet alone... Oh well, it is good to have dreams, and to-do-lists to dream about and faff about.
How long is your To-do-list?


Jenn said...

You have inspired me to have a handmade xmas so my list is now HUGE lol. I am doing cross stitch bookmarks to everyone from the baby (currently done 2 and got 2 on the way, one I can only do in daylight). I have crocheted 6 coasters and one a big cross stitch of a married couple where I altered the flowers and brides hair colour to match a friend's. Also almost finished a big crochet blanket for babies 1st birthday. Lots of other stuff I want to do for me but this year is about other people :)

Lissa Johnston said...

If you like lists, you might also enjoy using the Listly program for the occasional blog post. Also a friend recently introduced me to bullet journaling which is I am finding extremely helpful. It's a manual to-do list on steroids LOL.

Roslyn Core said...

I love to-do lists for work - makes me actually accomplish things. Not so good at them in my home life - it's something I'm still trying to work out how to do better!

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Vilje Vanilje said...

Jenn: Wow, what a good start! how big is your list? Mine is usually around 30 for Christmas and under ten the rest of the year for birthdays and special occasions and it is keeping me busy. I hope you have fun with it and I am sure all the recipients will love all your hard work!

Lissa Johnston: I will certainly look in to it, thank you:) A manual to-do-list sounds interesting. I have tried todoist but I felt like it took to long plotting things in. Thank you.

Roslyn Core: I love lists, they make me feel accomplished as you say and it helps me to not feel to overwhelmed and I don't have to actually remember everything because I have it written down or else I would mentally remind myself of to-do-lists and appointments and shopping lists all day long and that can be tiresome. I hope you find a way to incorporate it to your home life too if it helps you to remember and accomplish things. :) I know there are lots of different tools to make lists maybe try looking into those if you haven't already and perhaps make a routine out of making the lists? I always embellish mine so it feels like a drawing and fun time.