Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Tuesday tunes C-ute and spring bunnies

Another song fro℃-ute from the same single, these days H-P makes three sided singles so we get three songs pr single which I am not sure I like. At least not all the time. I prefer last weeks song to this, but this song has its moments. I love the line "I know a secret, that is more important than a kiss"  somehow it reminds me about husbun and I and our first date.
The music video and lyrics and music works really well together and this time even if the song is rather slow the dance works well. It looks like they splurged a little on this music video and I like it. They all look good, sound great (even Mai!) and I hope this single will sell well. 

The spring is finally here with the sun shining and little weeds popping up. 
Soon I will be able to forage for the buns as well which I am sure they will be happy with.

Although Mimle knows how to forage herself, here she found a straw in her hayrack and proudly ran about the living room showing it off and eating it warily in case any bun or human tried something.

Valmin was in his own little world as usual and though his head popped up from the tunnel to see what went on he soon decided he wanted to be near Mimle, but still didn't really understand what she was up to and just hang about next to her.

And she ate her whole straw hurriedly with a content look upon her face.


Valmin has been enjoying the sun.

He is a little sunbeam lover, but he is not so sure he likes outdoors though.
Mimle does not like sunbeams, and she is terrified of shadows moving poor thing, so we try to have the blinds on when the buns are home alone so nothing freaks Mimle out and she runs into a wall again.


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