Thursday, 14 April 2016

A-Z challenge L

L is for LYS

LYS stands for Local Yarn shop, and now finally, I have one too!

Our new LYS opened just after easter and they are a proper
Yarn store, they mostly have Norwegian yarn in all price ranges 
and in all colours and types. 
They even have my favourite yarn 
Drops. But I do think they need a little crochet yarn as well, 
just to be a proper proper yarn store.

Today they even had 20% off, so I bought some gourgeous cotton from Drops. I wish I had bought more! But I am being strict with myself and only buying a little. Two out one in still.
Nøste means skein or ball of yarn and fryd means joy which is a super name for a yarn store. Who isn't happy with all that colour and softness to drink in with all you senses?
They have an online store too, and as much as I love online stores and buying without the hassle of people, cues and noises I love stroking the yarn, feeling it's texture, sniffing it, putting colours next to one another and comparing. There is nothing quite like it, choosing yarn and colours for your next project. And then if you need more yarn for your project you can always buy the same online later.

The whole shop has been renovated and it looks stunning,
the wood textures are very Norwegian and very much the trend right now and helps the yarn play the first role. 
The store is full of funny little old furniture brimming with yarn of all kinds. I always feel better when I know the owner of a yarn store has a sense of colour style then I know she will be helpful and knowledgeable when choosing colours if you need any help. I want to have a wall just like that in my house with the different wooden planks all over it.

Picture from Nøstefryd

An adorable old baby bed full of yarn, 
I wish I had one of my own! 
It would look good next to my dollhouse bookcase I think. 
Just look at all that yarn, the shop isn't big, 
but it is full to the brim of lush, delicious, 
colourful yarn.
I think I could work in a yarnshop,
if I could knit that is. 

Pictures from Nøstefryd

Picture from Nøstefryd
 The owner has stated she wants to have a knitting circle and classes later, I hope she will, maybe I can start something new in my knitting adventure?

She sells some small adorable accessories and patterns and knitting needles and crochet hooks and buttons and stitch markers and kits and everything you would need to start your own knitting adventure.
I love this pink colour, it is so delicate and tender.

I came home with five balls of yarn, oh how I wish I could buy more.

Pictures with Nøstefryd under them are taken from their Facebook with permission by the owner.


Stephanie Finnell said...

Lovely place to spend an hour or two :)
Stephanie Finnell
@randallbychance from
Katy Trail Creations
Stephanies Stuff

abetterjulie said...

Okay, I'll admit it. I was pretty excited by this post! We no longer have a LYS, which is good for my budget, but bad for my knitting social life and skills.
I love the cradle idea with your bunny dollhouse.
I love the idea of you taking future classes for knitting!
I love the two out, one in philosophy esp since I'm drowning in yarn. :)

Jenn said...

My favourite craft shop relocated to five minutes away (was in the city before that). I was so excited... turns out it is now upstairs... without a lift!!! So pretty much I can't go there anymore until my baby learns to walk as he is too heavy to carry up stairs and hold while I look around (not that it would leave me with any free hands to pick anything up). Sometimes I wonder if they forget how many people craft do do because they have mobility issues. Your lysine looks amazing. We did have one in our village but it closed down :( hugs to bunnies

Vilje Vanilje said...

Stephanie Finnel: The shop is rather small so i think I might not be able to spend an hour or two, perhaps one hour, I could sit down at their table and knit. ^^ and smosh some yarn in between.

abetterjulie: Not having a LYS is good for your budget, did I mention I could walk to my LYS? Isn't there a knitters circle around where you live that you could do when you have the energy? Or do what I do, buy some cookies and invite a friend.
It is a good philosophy but it is hard, especially when there is a yarn sale.

Jenn: That sucks, is your baby too big to have in a baby carrier to have on your back? I think those go up to two years, it is like an extra sturdy rucksack, we have lots of them in Norway but people mostly use them for talking walks with small kids. I do think people forget sometimes, I don't think we are allowed in Norway to not have lifts or something for the handicapped to use when going into public or semi public buildings. I wish you could go nuts at your LYS when you do have one so close!