Wednesday, 13 April 2016

A-Z challenge K

K is for Knitting adventure

I have never been much of a knitter, my mother is a much better crocheter than knitter so it is no mystery that crocheting is something I found a lot easier than knitting but I did want to learn and so about a year ago I started my knitting adventure. I learnt how to make socks, my friend wrote down her pattern and helped me to knit two whole socks and a half (a ufo from my mother) and a whole community on Ravelry cheered me on because we were having a knit-a-long making socks. I made a couple of shawls, which unfortunately were quite curly even with blocking but otherwise they were good.

And then I started making hats for Christmas, I made six hats and three washing cloths. I felt I had a good grip on hats and started on scarfs, I have now made two scarfs in garter stitch and am having so much fun. It was interesting to see the difference a bigger needle made.

But my biggest challenge, my all time knitting adventure has been on hold for a while (because I have no idea of where I am in the pattern after I put it down to concentrate on my wedding dress), it is a jacket! I adore the pattern, another friend of mine made me one moons ago but it is too small so I grudginly gave it away and now I SO want to finish my jacket. Then it is onwards and upwards on my continuing knitting adventure! I want to become an OK knitter, I want to be able to make dresses, baby rompers because there is nothing cuter, scarfs with lace and not just accidental holes, I want to learn cables and make owls and bunnies with little puffy tails.

I want to be able to knit just as naturally as I do crochet. I want to be able to wing it and tweek patterns.

So please join me in my knitting adventure, it has only just begun.


Roslyn Core said...

Knitting is one of those crafts that I always wanted to learn but never did because I didn't have anyone to teach me. My mother and grandmother taught me to crochet but since they didn't know how to knit they couldn't pass it on!

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I learned to crochet from my Mom when I was a kid. Same as your Mom, she preferred crocheting to knitting. A long time ago, when I was taking a parent-child class with my daughter (who is now 21) I learned how to knit. I'm still not a great knitter, but I do enjoy it sometimes. Good luck on your knitting journey and with the a to z challenge!

abetterjulie said...

These all look great. You are well on your way toward your goals!!

Vilje Vanilje said...

Roslyn Core: My mother crochets but isn't super good at knitting so that is what I know best but I have found that Youtube can be of help in my knitting, maybe you could use that to try it too? And joining an online (or offline) knitting group would perhaps also be of help if you really want to learn. If my LYS starts having classes I think I will take some, you could always join my knitting adventure and learn since it is never too late ^^ Thank you, good luck to you too. You can't be a pro at everything and being and ok knitter is fine, an ok knitter is my goal and if I become a good knitter I will be very pleased. I do enjoy knitting too, if I don't make any mistakes that is, ripping is so much harder when knitting than crochet!

abetterjulie: Thank you! I hope so, but after all, I have a long life hopefully to get better, it would be kind of sad if I already were a pro I would have no goal to work towards. :)