Thursday, 21 April 2016

A-Z challenge R

R is for redesign

I used to work with redesign and paint furniture at an recycle skip place and I had lots of fun. And so I implemented a little bit of that here at home too. I love buying used and old things and spice them up a little. Most of my projects are still not entirely Done, so I haven't had that many reveals of them yet. 
 But here is the HOL from IKEA turned into a bunny toilet and hay rack.

First we cut two holes into it for easy running in and out. It is recommended to have at least two openings so that your bunny will feel more safe.

We tacked linoleum into the floor so that any pee left by some bun who forgets to put his actual bum (Yes Valmin, we are looking at you) into the toilet before peeing will be easier to clean and won't seep into the wood. We did the same with the backside so that the hay won't fall to much behind the crate. Then we made small holes into the linoleum to fit the hay rack into. And voila, less spillage of hay, less stray poops and more content rabbits.

 My cousin also came and put the hinges up on the lid so that it won't come off when we resupply the hay. Oh, and this is just one night of hay eating, we cleaned the HOL thoroughly yesterday but since it was already dark opted to take pictures the next day in sunlight and the little trolls had a party. We change the toilet every three days, more if it is hot in case of flies. 

Hay (pun intended) I am eating and pooping, let me have some privacy says Mimle.

Then Valmin joins in to and has another feast.


abetterjulie said...

Great job! I'm never handy like that.

Vilje Vanilje said...

Thank you, we aren't very handy which is why we had to have my cousin come over to put the hinges on it, but the hammering we could do- But thank you, I love the result, very handy when giving hay and keeping the toilet hidden for guests.