Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Wedding Blanket Squares Seven

The eight pointed flower by Julie Yeager

This is Mister M's favourite square, he called it the star square, and I agree that it looks like a star. This block is not free anymore, but I winged it a bit while making it. I never noticed it was not free anymore because I was working from Dedri's pictures and figured out how to make it from that. It was only when my friend *Kio started hers that she told me it was not free anymore but I just told her what I did and she finished hers as well. The purple colours were really hard to take pictures of.

This was not a hard square, Dedri had a very good description as always and I really like the effect when we made the star point forward in row 7 when we worked the light blue stitches under the points. And then later in round 11 we made some back post double stitches which made the light blue pop out from under the dark blue. I like the back post double crochet, it was a stitch I had never encountered before I started this blanket but it is very easy and the effect i stunning.

Even though I like my square a lot I think *Kio's square looks better with her colour choices.


Stephanie Finnell said...

I like them both and together they'd make a positive/negative effect. Very lovely square!
Stephanie Finnell
@randallbychance from
Katy Trail Creations
Stephanies Stuff

Vilje Vanilje said...

Thank you, I never looked at it that way but they do look very good together. :)