Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Åttende Desember

Today's tea is green wit cinnamon, ginger, rose and peppermint.
I love tea with roses and while my cup is not exactly  wintery nor Christmassy it does make me happy. My aunt bought me this in England, it has a happy pink bunny so she thought of me.

The lady in the cross stitch my mother started is finished, with the cat, the shelf is next on my list.
I NEED to make things within each season, that usually means some simple things takes forever like my crochet Halloween runner since I stop working on it after the season and put it on hold until next year so this little cross stitch runner is perfect, maybe I can even finish it within the season, after all getting into the Christmas spirit takes about a month, whilst halloween is over much faster.

And I finished hat number two, the pattern was easy once my Finnish friend was online knitting support and we decided I had almost thought right, and the sew together should have been an option and not a next step, because when you knit it together you can't really sew it together as well? 
Now there is only one hat left and since I am crocheting it it is taking forever, but I will persevere, there is still time before Christmas!

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