Friday, 25 December 2015

Happy Merry X-mas

Gifts have been given and received, well wishes have been uttered all around, good food and treats have been devoured and family have been met.
My guest went home today after breakfast, and M and I have been lazing around all day in pyjamas using our gift just like Christmas the 1st should. It is a tradition of mine and most of Norway I think. 

I had strawberry tea given to me by M in this years best mug ever given to me by my mother.
(it is an Elsa Beskow mug)

We watched some great Norwegian films, a comedy called "Den spanske flue" which to my happiness was shown this year, M had never seen it, but he laughed a lot alongside my mother. It was as hilarious as ever, I L O V E that play, not just for Christmas, nostalgia or tradition but it is actually funny.
And then we saw "Reisen til julestjernen", we had to tape most of what is shown on Christmas Eve just because we didn't have time to watch it then. This movie is mostly just tradition, I like watching it, but it doesn't get my undivided attention. Tomorrow I am hoping we get to see some of the eastern European Christmas tradition films.  I love Christmas!

I had TONS of cakes, this beautifully decorated lot was given to me by my friend Evi, look at those cute bunnies, and edible glitter! (glitter was something I was given by someone else, so I am so baking something this Christmas, hopefully with M)

And I so very very close to finishing the last two scarfs, yes two, I know I said I was making only one, but then it was too narrow for the person I felt, so I made another.
I am very sure I have made almost 50 of those trees.
Later when I am done with all the presents I will make a recap and we will see just have much I made, and considering I only started in October in earnest I feel I have made a lot.
I know much of my gifts have been well received which is always nice to hear.

I hope you all are having a happy merry Kurisimasu.

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