Sunday, 6 December 2015

Sjette Desember

Today it has been one of those days, where you'd much rather just stay in bed all day, which I did, I slept a lot. Bunnies have been sleeping all day too.

But when I finally ventured out of bed I had my Advent tea, and it tasted nice, the rather subdued flavour was perfect for someone not quite awake. Today was a green tea blend with cinnamon, ginger, cardamum, cloves, nutmeg, pepper with something called soursop which I have no idea what is and then orange. Puuuh, quite a lot of ingredients, they all taste the same but different, rather a peculiar feat. 

I somehow finished the hat, not how it was supposed to be finished, but it does look like a hat, I already started the next one and hope I will understand how the pattern wants me to finish said hat off. If not I can just do something again...

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