Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Sekstende Desember

Bilde lånt av Google.

 Happy Birthday to me!
Black tea, ginger, cloves, star anise, masala chai, peppermint and anise tea for today. Very good, unfortunately we had a whole day planned and off we went shopping before I could finish my tea.
We now have most of the presents bought.

Bunnies gave me a colouring book with Christmas pictures in it, but I must say they were sloppy with the wrapping, because this wrapper was around my presents on Saturday too XD

On our doorstep there was another package, this one was full of yarn. But alas it was not a Birthday present, it was yarn I bought to finish the last of the presents... 

Another thing I bought for me was new curtains, I tried buying them three times but they ran out of stock, I finally succeeded, but the trouble did not end there. I had to go to three stores to try and pick up my parcel before going to the right one...
But now they are here, and hung, and they look gorgeous!

Oh, and the best birthday present, snow! I love snow! 

I had tons of cake and am feeling rather satisfied so now I am off to bed.

P.S: I also got to pet both bunnies so I guess I am forgiven, which is also a rather perfect present, the most perfect present would have been bunny licks, but those are scarce around here these days.

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