Monday, 14 December 2015

Fjortende Desember

This day I awoke rather late since we had so much fun into the night the day before, so I had my tea with leftovers and some cake. Green tea with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, pepper, anise seed, melon and orange. Quite subtle flavours.

Later in the day after I did some pottering around the house then *Kio came over, we had taco spaghetti leftovers from Friday and ventured out into the cold to have our semi-weekly water gymnastics, today it turned suddenly a lot colder, around minus seven so on the walk to the swimming pool we saw northern lights in the hill. It was all green and pretty, it was my second time spotting northern lights since we live a bit too far south so it felt really special. I am glad I got to see it with *Kio.^^

And we were so good in our class that everyone got a price from our instructor properly dressed in a santa dress. We got ginger bread, clementine and a chocolate, I choose the piece named banana because then I could pretend I was healthier than I was;)
Haha, but then we really ate a banana and some lussekatter.

Yes, I have a bunny-towel. From H&M home I think, in the children's department.

On the way home we spotted shooting stars too, it was quite an eventful day.
When I got home this little lady told me that her daddy was boring and please don't leave me and I had a hard time going to bed. But I bribed them with some yummy hay so I could finish my blogpostXD
As you can see I have started on the second wrist warmer, so hopefully at least one will get finished in time.

Picture borrowed from Ellos
Oh, and I finally got to buy new drapes, I have been trying all December but they kept running out, but now I have eight and am just anxiously awaiting the shipment and I can't wait until I have decorated our apartment:D

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