Thursday, 17 December 2015

Syttende Desember

M made my this mug. I love it!

The Final Frontea-er
Black tea with licorice, cinnamon, cloves, honey and melon in my ST-ish mug. And yes, M is the king of bad puns, it is too bad that I hate the design of the actual mug, it is hard to hold and gets very hot because I would truly love to use this cup more because the paintings are awesome.

I have another finish, I started this last year I think, but there was a mistake somewhere and then it was put aside in a fury and forgotten like usual. But now that I have properly cooled down I was at the point where I would just work with what I had done and made a proper finish.
And yes, another present done, but then my other friend and I agreed to give each other presents. We will see if I find anything perfect or if I make anything perfect;)

Still doing the wrist warmer thing, and the prospect of giving each person one half of a wrist warmer and an IOU seems more and more likely.... I did spend most of the day fiddling with even more little trees you see.

And then I had company over, and we started baking, so we now have three kinds of Christmas Cookies. 
We drank tea and watched some Tudors in the mix.

Tomorrow I hope I manage at least another of the seven kinds of Christmas cookies!

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