Saturday, 5 December 2015

Femte Desember

It was even Saturday, December fifth in the advent calendar book today.

Today M and I had another breakfast with Christmassy youghurt, today's yoghurt was dark chocolate and M had date, it was delicious. And the tea fitted as well, it was  black tea with liquorice, cinnamon, cloves, honey and melon. I couldn't taste the melon, but it was good, mellow and fit for a quiet lazy breakfast.

I made ribbe, I think that is one thing one needs to know how to make, so I am stacking up adult points, and M likes it so.
I remember after my grandmother died and no one seemed to know how to make Christmas dinner and I was appauled and terrified I wouldn't get the proper dinner we always had. And I could not for the life of me understand why no one had practised before hand. I think they knew how to make it but was unsure because it was my grandparents kitchen and all. But I vowed I would learn how to make all the things I liked before the person who used to make it died so I could always eat that particular food and think of them. Christmas is after all all about tradition and it is important to eat the things one has always done in order to get in the spirit.

In other traditions, I have spent the day making Christmas cards, 
I love receiving cards, so I try to make a point in making and sending cards, if I don't send any I can't expect to receive any either. But this year I have tried to make them smaller and less detailed, they still look good I think, even if they are tiny, but then I have the time to make 25 cards to send.
I am halfway now, so hopefully I will be able to have everyone ready to send on Monday?
Traditionally I am always a bit late, but never later than my birthday which is the date the postal service says is the last date one can expect the gifts/cards to be on time for Christmas on.

The stamps I bought last year really make the cards look spiffy. With some good looking paper and some trims and voila you have festive cards that don't take forever to make. I haven't sewn a single card this year, but I have sewn some "Merry Christmas" wordings to put on the cards.

We got our first Christmas card today, all the way from Finland.

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